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The Adventure and tales of Above and below

Joshua James Owens
The Biblical Epic
Joshua James Owens
Bruce Ty Shaw Sr
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The Narrative of events as they unfold in a Timeless Place
known only as the Beginning
Willed into something from nothing. By no other means but
the desire of The Most High
Opening Scene the heavenly realm:

And the Most High made the heavens, both lower and middle,
and the Heavens of heaven, where is the Most High and Holy
A throne was set in heaven, and one sat on the throne which
is the Ancient of Days, the Most High and his train did fill
the temple. And to look upon Him is to look at a jasper and
a sardine stone: and there was a rainbow round about the
throne, in sight like unto an emerald. And out of the throne
proceeded lightning and thunderings and voices: and there
were seven lamps of fire burning before the throne, which
are the seven Spirits of the Highest. And before the throne
there was a sea of glass like unto crystal: and in the midst
of the throne, round about the throne, were four beasts full
of eyes before and behind.
He also made the worlds and many strange places and
creatures, and angelic beings of different orders. And there
was a pure river of the water of life, clear as crystal,
proceeding out of the throne of the Most High. And as it
followed down from the Mount, on either side of the
river, there stood the tree of Life, which bares fruit very
often, and the leafs of the tree have healing in them.
Brightness.., illuminated, like someone turned on a zillion
watt bulb. Its not just the brightness, but the prefect
clarity to everything and everyone. See for miles and
miles and the details, are understated, in description.
Vibrant, brilliant and alive are the colors. The
OWR,(Hebrew, origin for original light and insight,of
truth), seems to permeate and impregnate all that is.


There were three great cherubs of the highest and most
privileged order. Each of which commanded a third of the
angelic host. The first of these was Michael, the great
guardian and keeper of the Holy Place. Michael was created
for battle and none could withstand him. He and his legions
stand before the Holy Mount without ceasing. They are the
protectors of the throne and the tree of Life.

Gabriele, the great herald of the Truth. He also stood
before the throne awaiting word and instructions and was the
keeper of the Message. Gabriele was gifted with many
cherished Secrets. He and his legions are those who carry
the Will and the answers to every request made before the

Then there was Lucifer, called son of the morning, because
of his splendor and unmatched beauty. He was like a jewel to
look upon. Every precious stone adorned him: ruby, topaz and
emerald, diamond, onyx and jasper, sapphire, turquoise and
beryl. His settings and mountings all were of gold.
Lucifer was created by the the Most High for worship, for
He gave him pipes and bells so that whenever and wherever he
moved he produced his own symphony of sounds. He also
commanded a third of the host of heaven. As a chief cherub,
Lucifer was over the worshipers. All musicians, psalmist and
singers, he was the anointed conductor and protector of the
Most High’s Holy Presence. No one could approach the High
and Holy Mount except by accompaniment of worship. And so
Lucifer was appointed to give cover to all who came near. He
and he alone was aloud to walk amongst the brightness and
the fiery stones that protected the great Temple Alter.
There was a second order of angelic beings called the
Seraphim, (order of the fiery ones.) They operated as
captains and lieutenants under the three great cherubim;
Michael, Gabriele and Lucifer. It was the order of the
Seraphim who led the divisions of the host of heaven,
answering directly to the three Cherubs.


Eons of events have taken place now in Eternity Past.., And
it came upon a dimension that Price Micheal, Price Gabriele
and three not so angelic.., misfits named Tommy, nicknamed
Wheels, Evander and Barnard, nicknamed Juice, were viewing
archives in the Recaller Chamber. As they all listen..,
Long, long ago, in a timeless age, and even before time
itself, the Most High, the Ancient of Days, uttered these

Let there be!!

His Word was Life and in the spoken word dwelt life,
illumination, wisdom, order and understanding. In speaking
those words Perfect love was and became ours to share. His
Glory, His OWR , the Light, and the Brightness of his
persona, filled up the whole universe, both natural and
spiritual. So He, by no other means except by His Thoughts
and His Will, Created all that is. The Most High Desired,
Designed and Determined.., And it was so.., and it is so!!!!

The projected images stop and Tommy blurts out

The who, the what?

Yes my miss guided one, His OWR.
It gives everything its purpose so
that we now know. By the OWR of
His Presence we understand, that He
is Love and perfect love seeks to
give and share itself
unconditionally. I fear we all
shall soon come to know just how
great a love indeed.
(with earnest)

This he spoken of, both the future in time and eternity.
There had been reports that Lucifer a Chief Cherub and lord
had been calling for and holding Assemblies,(Prince Gabriele
was the only authorized Assembler), throughout lower and
middle heaven. He, Micheal knew of more but couldn’t speak
of it.

Micaleto,Mick my man, now you know
that last Ka boom Tommy took to the
noggin rattled up some stuff of his
out of place, so just break it down
for him.

Right, cause Tommy.., well it ant
all there!!

As He motions behind Tommy’s back that he’s missing so brain

Ah Juice, just because you bounce
rather than bump, don’t talk about
Wheels that way.

Yeah, ya, lol, more bounce to the

Yes, well let’s direct our focus
back up here. Gabriele, start the
Recaller back up.

While they are there a messenger arrives with news, The
messenger is a Angel named Timothy, he is protegee
of Gabriele’s

What is it Timothy?

My lords I have come with news...
the Great Dragon.., no I mean
(He pauses in distress)
I mean, ..oh my lords, I just
can’t, I don’t understand He
was so trusted , so honored, how
could it come to this?
(Timothy weeps)

I know , I can hardly make sense of
it all myself. We both were
entrusted with the highest honor,
and he.., all that The Most High
gave him,. All the privileges
too! To cover us with praise and
to walk on the fiery stones before
the temple Mount. Well his heart is
corrupt now.

Timothy compose yourself.

Yes my lord.

The news.. The Dragon, he is on the
move, what other news have you?

The Seraphim, the order of the
fiery ones, have joined forces with
the Faithful. All but a few who
were closes to prince, we
can’t ever speak of him as the
Beautiful One?

No, but go on...

All but those who waited on him,
Ashmedai and Abaddon of the
Seraphim, have remained true to the

Gabriele, call for the Assembly,
every moment that goes by in
eternity he, (the
Dragon), deceives and corrupts
more of the Host. We must
act quickly to guard the Throne,
the Garden and the Trees of Knowing
and of Life.

Timothy, where was the last
reported sighting?

Entering the Milky Galaxy.

Hum mm, what could he be up to now?
Earth!!, Hurry we must go.