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Adventures and Tales of Above and below: The Adventure and tales of Above and below

Adventures and Tales of Above and below: The Adventure and tales of Above and below

Adventures and Tales of Above and below

Adventures and Tales of Above and below

Adventures and Tales of Above and below

Adventures and Tales of Above and below

Sunday, August 2, 2009



After Three Millennium have past in Mankind’s history.
The book of the genealogy of King David, son of Abraham, son
of Adam: Abraham begot Isaac, Isaac begot Jacob, Jacob begot
Judah and his brothers.
Judah begot Perez and Zerah by Tamar, Perez begot Hezron,
and Hezron begot Ram. Ram begot Amminadab, Amminadab begot
Nahshon, and Nahshon begot Salmon.
Salmon begot Boaz by Rahab, Boaz begot Obed by Ruth, Obed
begot Jesse, And Jesse begot David the King


Our three battle warn and battle proven heroes arrive, they
meet up with an old friend, Prince Jathar, of the order of
the Seraphim. He has personally come to escort them.

Greetings, brethren, its good to
see you again, come, the council is
awaiting to hear from you.
Evander leads the way followed by the other two.

Make way, make way.., coming
What’s shaken.., you did n’t see me
.., undercover bro´tha
He lifts his wing as to cover...,

Wheels comes in sporting an Egyptian colt named Fire.

It’s all right, no cause for alarm.
Got a Big thing with the Man, the Big Man
Speaking to the on looker as they enter the Chamber

Entering the Recaller Chamber they receive a host of warm
welcomes and greeting from the Council Members.

The Blessing of the Highest be upon

Was heard from one Council member.

May the Wisdom and Strength of the
Most High Keep You Continually.

Said another.

Come in guys, take a seat.

What’s up Gab?

I’m sending you on a new assignment.

What’s it all about?

You’re going to the household of
Jessie, son of Obed, son of Boaz of
Bethlehem, Judea. Look up here.

Prince Jathar starts the Recaller. The Recaller is the
master database of every event, been and to be.

This is Jessie of Bethlehem, he has
seven sons and he and his wife are
about to have another child.

Shee..,eep, leg of lamb.

Bernard goes into one of his trance like states.

Yes Bernard, he is a keeper of
sheep, but the Most High shall be his Sheppard!

Bernard begins to recount his list of heroes on the grill

Another in a great line of Meat
Masters. Yep, Abel.., he was the first, then
there was Noah, he definitely could do some
serious burning.
(with anxious salivation)

You mean sacrificing..., to the
Most High , don’t you Juice?

Tommy nudges him.


Let’s not forget Abraham, or Isaac,
they all could burn babe burn. But
my all time favorite, my main man,
was that Esau and his savory, wild venison.

Juice.., Juice, snap out of it. Do
you ever think of anything besides

Prince Michael is assigning you
three to watch over the boy. Keep
him safe, and his household. He is
destine to play an important role
in renewing the Most High’s
Covenant Promise to Israel and the

You tell ol Micaleto not to worry.
We’ll go down to Bethle..„

Bethlehem of Judea! Just follow the map.

OK, we’ve got you, piece of cake.

Ca..,kke, cheese cake, pineapple
upside down cake, coconut with
pineapple filling and a cherry on

You had to go mention cake.
Bernard.., Bernard.., come on..,
let’s go!

The three leave the chamber, map in hand.


Jaziz, (Jazz) the Hagrite, is a toddler who’s family is
situated near by the household of Jessie

Is this the day
(speaking to his mother)

Maybe, Jazz

I wonder what they’ll call him..,
if he is a boy, anyway.

I’m sure Jessie has something in mind.

Well, I think they should call him,
Joshua, like our might leader who
gave us our home land. Or even
better, Joseph, the prince of
Egypt. I can’t wait till he’s big
enough to play with me. I’m going
to take him all over the place, and
show him where all the good stuff
to do is. Yep, can’t wait, can’t wait.

The Most High visited the household of Jessie son of Obed,
the Bethlehemite. And he and his wife had another son, their
eighth and they called him David, (beloved).
Little Jaziz kept his word, and became the playmate of
David. And everything that Jazz learned and knew, he taught
to David. Both were fast and extremely agile, and could out
run, jump, climb or out throw any of their counter parts.

Across the Kindron valley


The Pride of Judah waited in anticipation for its own
special advent. Jerome, reigning father and lord of the
valley had grown old and tried. On the horizon was the
promise of a son who would one day soon assume his throne
and bring stability to the whole territory. Neighboring
factions eager to move in and claim the rich abundance of
wild game and the occasional plentiful domestic live stock,
saw the ever weakening grip that the king held.., slipping
in their favor. But that was all to change. Sarah, the wife
of his elder years and much beloved carried the Pride’s
future in her womb and her time to deliver was very near.


The household and fields of Jessie, son of Obed, son of
Boaz, were situated atop an escarpment adjacent to the way,
as one goes up towards the Jubusite strong hold where Rachel
is buried, the wife of Jacob. From the walled fences one
could easily spot any intruder to the sheep fold.

I swear by the Highest..., if I get hit or pushed
around by another Sheppard’s staff, stick,
rod, or anything else they want to
call it , somebody is gonna end up
with a wooden leg! No, I mean it!

Bernard is under cover as a sheep, and of course he is the
biggest, fattest, woolliest, sheep on the yard and attracts,
of course the most attention.

If one of you mangy dogs nips at my
ankles one more time..., I declare
you wont be the only crippled
mutt hobbling around here!
(speaking of Evander)

Well, you think you have it bad.
How would you like being whistled
at, and heard, “here boy” all dag
gone day? Or worst still, have your
butt smelled up all day by the rest
of these horny hounds.

Evander is a sheep dog with a lame leg, but still manages
pretty well to keep up and is the favorite of most of the
brothers. When Eliab and Abinadab found him they had though
him to be the victim of a wolf attack or some other wild
beast. So Evander won their affection early and has been
soaking it up since.

And another thing.., just for the
record, all you sheep stink. I can
smell you a traion away. And why
don’t Shepards bathe? Do they
ever? In fact, this whole town
stinks right to high heaven!

As they are speaking Tommy who is a hired hand of Jessie’s
rides over on a two wheeler cart pulled by a donkey

Hay, what’s all the chatter about
over here?

I’ll tell you what it’s all about,
mister get to sleep indoors every

Guys have you forgotten what this
assignment is reallyabout? Protecting
the young boy, homing , and sharpening his
skills. Keeping him and his family
out of danger. There are a lot of
wild beast around here, not to
mention that pride of lions across
the way. So we’re undercover..,

Stop, right there. You mean some
of us are undercover, deep under..,
how would you like to have to carry
around forty pounds of fuzzy hair
all day? And just try running from
Mr. Fox, or to dinner, or anywhere
for the matter.

While the three go on and on complaining, Prince Gabriele
shows up.

Oh how quickly we forget and lose
sight. Listen my young princes.
This is war, and the great Dragon
is playing for keeps. All of Heaven
above and Earth below are depending
on you three. I can’t tell you how
vital it is that little David grows
and matures into a great man after
the Most High’s heart.

Gab, we know, it just seems like
Man is so oblivious to the real truth.

Yeah, I wish they would get a clue,
and wake up! I mean it’s not
right.., it’s just not right! The
way we go out of our way to keep
them out of trouble, and just as
fast they’re right back at it.

Lord Gabriele, don’t loose faith in
us, we know this assignment is of
great importance. Tell Prince
Michael not to worry either.

Prince Gabriele departs back into the heavens.


Sarah’s, the lioness, time has arrived to deliver. The
Pride’s hopes are high that it will be a male cub. None is
more anxious than King Jerome but he appears to be aloof and

One of the young handmaids comes running out to him the with

Oh..., your majesty,
(with great relief and joy)
come see!

Jerome enters the den where his wife is laying with the cub.

My lord.., look, it’s a boy! What
shall we call him?

Jerome walks over and gives his son a little nudge with his
nose and lifts his paw out towards the child. To his
surprise the cub reaches up with his tiny paw and swings out
at his father.

My, my, don’t we have spunk. We
shall call him Ariel, the mighty.(the lion of the Highest)

So Ariel grew and became strong as was his father Jerome
before him as the Pride of Judea had hoped. Soon his
reputation as a fierce lord and protector of the Valley
spread throughout the whole region. No one dared past
through without bring a gift or paying homage to the new


Now the Destroyer, Abaddon had set himself up as the wicked
principality over Palestine and chief underworld lord of the
region of Judea. His purpose was to monitor the Holy Land
for the first and any sign of the promise. This, since the
time of the Judgment, when the Most High had declared that
one day, of the seed of a woman, the redeemer would come.
Enus, Baracus and Pantheyon minor lords of the underworld
and servants of Abaddon are busy making their daily patrols
undercover as three buzzards when..?

What are you staring at?

You mean to tell me you don’t see
that smorgasbord over there?
Baracus is referring to Bernard.

Where.., Where?

Oh boy, we could feast for days off
of that one.

Does us no good, some body else has
to do the dirty work first.

Well I know just the guy for the
job too.


There is a big black bear who just
woke up from a long nap and needs a
good meal.

Who is he?

His name is Ulisis, and he’s new
to Judea, so taking that fat lamb
chop would do wonders for is

Yeah, he gets the rep and we get
the meat.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Adventure and tales of Above and below

Joshua James Owens
The Biblical Epic
Joshua James Owens
Bruce Ty Shaw Sr
Above and below studios
Above and below studios
306 Sycamore St.
Buffalo, NY 14204
716 854 2313
716 858 2050


The Narrative of events as they unfold in a Timeless Place
known only as the Beginning
Willed into something from nothing. By no other means but
the desire of The Most High
Opening Scene the heavenly realm:

And the Most High made the heavens, both lower and middle,
and the Heavens of heaven, where is the Most High and Holy
A throne was set in heaven, and one sat on the throne which
is the Ancient of Days, the Most High and his train did fill
the temple. And to look upon Him is to look at a jasper and
a sardine stone: and there was a rainbow round about the
throne, in sight like unto an emerald. And out of the throne
proceeded lightning and thunderings and voices: and there
were seven lamps of fire burning before the throne, which
are the seven Spirits of the Highest. And before the throne
there was a sea of glass like unto crystal: and in the midst
of the throne, round about the throne, were four beasts full
of eyes before and behind.
He also made the worlds and many strange places and
creatures, and angelic beings of different orders. And there
was a pure river of the water of life, clear as crystal,
proceeding out of the throne of the Most High. And as it
followed down from the Mount, on either side of the
river, there stood the tree of Life, which bares fruit very
often, and the leafs of the tree have healing in them.
Brightness.., illuminated, like someone turned on a zillion
watt bulb. Its not just the brightness, but the prefect
clarity to everything and everyone. See for miles and
miles and the details, are understated, in description.
Vibrant, brilliant and alive are the colors. The
OWR,(Hebrew, origin for original light and insight,of
truth), seems to permeate and impregnate all that is.


There were three great cherubs of the highest and most
privileged order. Each of which commanded a third of the
angelic host. The first of these was Michael, the great
guardian and keeper of the Holy Place. Michael was created
for battle and none could withstand him. He and his legions
stand before the Holy Mount without ceasing. They are the
protectors of the throne and the tree of Life.

Gabriele, the great herald of the Truth. He also stood
before the throne awaiting word and instructions and was the
keeper of the Message. Gabriele was gifted with many
cherished Secrets. He and his legions are those who carry
the Will and the answers to every request made before the

Then there was Lucifer, called son of the morning, because
of his splendor and unmatched beauty. He was like a jewel to
look upon. Every precious stone adorned him: ruby, topaz and
emerald, diamond, onyx and jasper, sapphire, turquoise and
beryl. His settings and mountings all were of gold.
Lucifer was created by the the Most High for worship, for
He gave him pipes and bells so that whenever and wherever he
moved he produced his own symphony of sounds. He also
commanded a third of the host of heaven. As a chief cherub,
Lucifer was over the worshipers. All musicians, psalmist and
singers, he was the anointed conductor and protector of the
Most High’s Holy Presence. No one could approach the High
and Holy Mount except by accompaniment of worship. And so
Lucifer was appointed to give cover to all who came near. He
and he alone was aloud to walk amongst the brightness and
the fiery stones that protected the great Temple Alter.
There was a second order of angelic beings called the
Seraphim, (order of the fiery ones.) They operated as
captains and lieutenants under the three great cherubim;
Michael, Gabriele and Lucifer. It was the order of the
Seraphim who led the divisions of the host of heaven,
answering directly to the three Cherubs.


Eons of events have taken place now in Eternity Past.., And
it came upon a dimension that Price Micheal, Price Gabriele
and three not so angelic.., misfits named Tommy, nicknamed
Wheels, Evander and Barnard, nicknamed Juice, were viewing
archives in the Recaller Chamber. As they all listen..,
Long, long ago, in a timeless age, and even before time
itself, the Most High, the Ancient of Days, uttered these

Let there be!!

His Word was Life and in the spoken word dwelt life,
illumination, wisdom, order and understanding. In speaking
those words Perfect love was and became ours to share. His
Glory, His OWR , the Light, and the Brightness of his
persona, filled up the whole universe, both natural and
spiritual. So He, by no other means except by His Thoughts
and His Will, Created all that is. The Most High Desired,
Designed and Determined.., And it was so.., and it is so!!!!

The projected images stop and Tommy blurts out

The who, the what?

Yes my miss guided one, His OWR.
It gives everything its purpose so
that we now know. By the OWR of
His Presence we understand, that He
is Love and perfect love seeks to
give and share itself
unconditionally. I fear we all
shall soon come to know just how
great a love indeed.
(with earnest)

This he spoken of, both the future in time and eternity.
There had been reports that Lucifer a Chief Cherub and lord
had been calling for and holding Assemblies,(Prince Gabriele
was the only authorized Assembler), throughout lower and
middle heaven. He, Micheal knew of more but couldn’t speak
of it.

Micaleto,Mick my man, now you know
that last Ka boom Tommy took to the
noggin rattled up some stuff of his
out of place, so just break it down
for him.

Right, cause Tommy.., well it ant
all there!!

As He motions behind Tommy’s back that he’s missing so brain

Ah Juice, just because you bounce
rather than bump, don’t talk about
Wheels that way.

Yeah, ya, lol, more bounce to the

Yes, well let’s direct our focus
back up here. Gabriele, start the
Recaller back up.

While they are there a messenger arrives with news, The
messenger is a Angel named Timothy, he is protegee
of Gabriele’s

What is it Timothy?

My lords I have come with news...
the Great Dragon.., no I mean
(He pauses in distress)
I mean, ..oh my lords, I just
can’t, I don’t understand He
was so trusted , so honored, how
could it come to this?
(Timothy weeps)

I know , I can hardly make sense of
it all myself. We both were
entrusted with the highest honor,
and he.., all that The Most High
gave him,. All the privileges
too! To cover us with praise and
to walk on the fiery stones before
the temple Mount. Well his heart is
corrupt now.

Timothy compose yourself.

Yes my lord.

The news.. The Dragon, he is on the
move, what other news have you?

The Seraphim, the order of the
fiery ones, have joined forces with
the Faithful. All but a few who
were closes to prince, we
can’t ever speak of him as the
Beautiful One?

No, but go on...

All but those who waited on him,
Ashmedai and Abaddon of the
Seraphim, have remained true to the

Gabriele, call for the Assembly,
every moment that goes by in
eternity he, (the
Dragon), deceives and corrupts
more of the Host. We must
act quickly to guard the Throne,
the Garden and the Trees of Knowing
and of Life.

Timothy, where was the last
reported sighting?

Entering the Milky Galaxy.

Hum mm, what could he be up to now?
Earth!!, Hurry we must go.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Finally, it’s been done!

Finally it’s been done! Someone adventurous enough brings to us a truly realistic treatment of the heretofore unseen aspects of the Biblical epic. Above and below soars higher and further than any previous depiction. Audiences and readers alike are instantly transported to eternity past, through dimensional portals before time and space itself. There we will all share the amazing retelling of such incredible events, no one before has ever dared to bring to the screen. We are given an enchanted view of a heavenly realm; before human creation. We are also given-the best in mortal imagination’s portrayal of the Most High‘s Throne Room, the River, the Tree of Life, and the Golden Sea of Glass. We witness as the Angelic orders are set in place, and how Heaven operates. It’s from this vantage point our three main characters, (three misfit angles), draw us in and give us a front row seat to the “Greatest story ever told!”

Now, replayed through the adventures of these, our unlikely heroes who are a part of, and witness to…,

The rise and fall of Lucifer, from Supreme Cherub who had privilege to The Most High’s throne room and walked among the fiery stones Ezkl.28, to become Satan, the great deceiver.

It is there, in the eternal past, that we relive the real Star Wars, as Satan through unholy means, amasses his armies,(one third of the heavenly host), and seeks to over throw the Kingdom of Heaven.

It’s here Armageddon begins, which threatens the very balance of power in the heavens, the universe, and eventually earth’s future.

As the scene moves from the Heavens and Lucifer’s fall to Earth (all watch his incarnate transformation into the Great Red Dragon), followed by the Choshek, (the Age of Darkness).We witness the spectacular re-creation story, the birth of Mankind, and the eventual Fall of Man. These incredible, once shadowy, heart stopping events, FROM THE OTHER SIDE’, are all told through the eyes, antics, and adventures of our primary characters, (three misfit angels who become, would- be double agents for heaven), while carrying out their assignments here on earth.


It always starts with a Great Story and boy we’ve got the best!

For over 100 years one book has consistently out sold all other best sellers’ world wide. For thousands of generations now, one literary source has continued to serve as the model for classic epic story telling. With more than 40 contributing writers, over a 1500 hundred year span, one book has stood at the apex of all others. This is it! Between its pages, it’s all here, the how, when and why of humanity. Recorded are the heights and depths of mankind’s struggles. It’s the greatest of all love sagas, the greatest heroin odyssey, the most magnificent mystery ever put to pen.

There are giants and alien invasions, monsters of land and sea. There are 3000 year old family rivalries. Man’s ultimate hopes for pleasure and reward, and his deepest, darkest, fears come true.., it’s all there. These are the rich, still very relevant stories of the UNSEEN Biblical epic; this is the greatest story ever told.

The Adventures and Tales of Above and below does a masterful job of bringing to life the Bible’s invisible plot made visible in a most creative, fresh, unique and entertaining way. Drawn in by the antics of the three miss- fits, audiences of all back grounds and ages will thoroughly enjoy these timeless stories retold.

…….By use of today’s graphic arts and CG animation tools, a realm otherwise left alone to the imagination is recreated in all its mystery, intrigue and splendor!


The story line depicts the biblical chronology of the Creation and pre- Human Creation, the Garden of Eden, right through Old Testament Times, the birth and life of Christ, finally climaxing with Armageddon


Above it All

The Seraphim Revolt

The Dead Planet

A Hot Time in the ‘ol Town Tonight

Trouble in Paradise

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

David and the Lion of the Tribe of Judea


All the Kings Men

Purpose of Story Line

To creatively retell the biblical epic to audiences of all ages.

● To offer an intelligent, clever, and entertaining depiction through the use of humorous, edgy, and playful characters.

●The stories are intended to be presented in CG and animated formats.

Applications of Story Line

●Branding of Characters

●Animated movies/cartoon series

●Full length feature films

●Web-based games/entertainment

●CG Video gaming story-based spinoffs

●Comic/coloring books, Religious instructions

●Live theatrical plays

Target Markets

Primary initial audience: North American viewing audience

CBS News in a recent piece reported that the entertainment and character merchandising industry is eclipsing $16-billion a year just in North America alone. From George Lucas to J. K. Rowling the viewing public’s taste and seemingly insatiable apatite for mystic and spiritual based storytelling has consistently delivered at the box office and the many media related spinoffs. Add to this the success of Mel Gibson’s 2004, The Passion of the Christ, (370million in domestic box office), the 1998 animated film by DreamWorks the Prince of Egypt, (grossed $218,613,188 worldwide), and you can see why so many are lining up to be apart of the Above and below project. It’s not just on the big screen where we are seeing these recurring themes played upon, network and cable studios are also feeding the need for programming with either the par-normal and or spiritual overtones. NBC’s Medium and Heroes, Fox’s Fringe, ABC’s Pushing Daisies and the CW’s Supernatural.

The question has been asked, “What common threads do the Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars have that make them so appealing to the masses? Each respectively has managed to capture the public’s imagination.” The Above and below Adventures, deliver in a big way; epic conflicts between the two kingdoms of Owr and Choshek, (Light and Darkness), a compelling and seamless plot, and timeless and loveable characters.

Secondary audience: South America, Europe and Southeast Asia.

Our Team

Our team is composed of a talented and diverse cast of professionals, with a wide range of backgrounds in; shorts, documentaries, live television production, computer graphics and most importantly, animation creation and story telling.