Thursday, July 16, 2009

Finally, it’s been done!

Finally it’s been done! Someone adventurous enough brings to us a truly realistic treatment of the heretofore unseen aspects of the Biblical epic. Above and below soars higher and further than any previous depiction. Audiences and readers alike are instantly transported to eternity past, through dimensional portals before time and space itself. There we will all share the amazing retelling of such incredible events, no one before has ever dared to bring to the screen. We are given an enchanted view of a heavenly realm; before human creation. We are also given-the best in mortal imagination’s portrayal of the Most High‘s Throne Room, the River, the Tree of Life, and the Golden Sea of Glass. We witness as the Angelic orders are set in place, and how Heaven operates. It’s from this vantage point our three main characters, (three misfit angles), draw us in and give us a front row seat to the “Greatest story ever told!”

Now, replayed through the adventures of these, our unlikely heroes who are a part of, and witness to…,

The rise and fall of Lucifer, from Supreme Cherub who had privilege to The Most High’s throne room and walked among the fiery stones Ezkl.28, to become Satan, the great deceiver.

It is there, in the eternal past, that we relive the real Star Wars, as Satan through unholy means, amasses his armies,(one third of the heavenly host), and seeks to over throw the Kingdom of Heaven.

It’s here Armageddon begins, which threatens the very balance of power in the heavens, the universe, and eventually earth’s future.

As the scene moves from the Heavens and Lucifer’s fall to Earth (all watch his incarnate transformation into the Great Red Dragon), followed by the Choshek, (the Age of Darkness).We witness the spectacular re-creation story, the birth of Mankind, and the eventual Fall of Man. These incredible, once shadowy, heart stopping events, FROM THE OTHER SIDE’, are all told through the eyes, antics, and adventures of our primary characters, (three misfit angels who become, would- be double agents for heaven), while carrying out their assignments here on earth.


It always starts with a Great Story and boy we’ve got the best!

For over 100 years one book has consistently out sold all other best sellers’ world wide. For thousands of generations now, one literary source has continued to serve as the model for classic epic story telling. With more than 40 contributing writers, over a 1500 hundred year span, one book has stood at the apex of all others. This is it! Between its pages, it’s all here, the how, when and why of humanity. Recorded are the heights and depths of mankind’s struggles. It’s the greatest of all love sagas, the greatest heroin odyssey, the most magnificent mystery ever put to pen.

There are giants and alien invasions, monsters of land and sea. There are 3000 year old family rivalries. Man’s ultimate hopes for pleasure and reward, and his deepest, darkest, fears come true.., it’s all there. These are the rich, still very relevant stories of the UNSEEN Biblical epic; this is the greatest story ever told.

The Adventures and Tales of Above and below does a masterful job of bringing to life the Bible’s invisible plot made visible in a most creative, fresh, unique and entertaining way. Drawn in by the antics of the three miss- fits, audiences of all back grounds and ages will thoroughly enjoy these timeless stories retold.

…….By use of today’s graphic arts and CG animation tools, a realm otherwise left alone to the imagination is recreated in all its mystery, intrigue and splendor!


The story line depicts the biblical chronology of the Creation and pre- Human Creation, the Garden of Eden, right through Old Testament Times, the birth and life of Christ, finally climaxing with Armageddon


Above it All

The Seraphim Revolt

The Dead Planet

A Hot Time in the ‘ol Town Tonight

Trouble in Paradise

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

David and the Lion of the Tribe of Judea


All the Kings Men

Purpose of Story Line

To creatively retell the biblical epic to audiences of all ages.

● To offer an intelligent, clever, and entertaining depiction through the use of humorous, edgy, and playful characters.

●The stories are intended to be presented in CG and animated formats.

Applications of Story Line

●Branding of Characters

●Animated movies/cartoon series

●Full length feature films

●Web-based games/entertainment

●CG Video gaming story-based spinoffs

●Comic/coloring books, Religious instructions

●Live theatrical plays

Target Markets

Primary initial audience: North American viewing audience

CBS News in a recent piece reported that the entertainment and character merchandising industry is eclipsing $16-billion a year just in North America alone. From George Lucas to J. K. Rowling the viewing public’s taste and seemingly insatiable apatite for mystic and spiritual based storytelling has consistently delivered at the box office and the many media related spinoffs. Add to this the success of Mel Gibson’s 2004, The Passion of the Christ, (370million in domestic box office), the 1998 animated film by DreamWorks the Prince of Egypt, (grossed $218,613,188 worldwide), and you can see why so many are lining up to be apart of the Above and below project. It’s not just on the big screen where we are seeing these recurring themes played upon, network and cable studios are also feeding the need for programming with either the par-normal and or spiritual overtones. NBC’s Medium and Heroes, Fox’s Fringe, ABC’s Pushing Daisies and the CW’s Supernatural.

The question has been asked, “What common threads do the Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars have that make them so appealing to the masses? Each respectively has managed to capture the public’s imagination.” The Above and below Adventures, deliver in a big way; epic conflicts between the two kingdoms of Owr and Choshek, (Light and Darkness), a compelling and seamless plot, and timeless and loveable characters.

Secondary audience: South America, Europe and Southeast Asia.

Our Team

Our team is composed of a talented and diverse cast of professionals, with a wide range of backgrounds in; shorts, documentaries, live television production, computer graphics and most importantly, animation creation and story telling.

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